Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Want to put some CA$H in your pocket AND Save the environment?

We all know recycling does wonders for the environment, but can you actually make money off of it? Absolutely – and I’m not talking garbage picking for aluminum cans either.

  • Cell for Cash – Go online, find your phone, order a free postage paid box, put extra money in your pocket. It’s that easy

  • Gazelle – Cash for any old electronics - phones, laptops, video cameras, etc. Follows the same procedure as Cells for Cash.

  • Recycle Bank – Currently in select east coast states – Keep an eye on this one. Each household receives a plastic bin with a built in computer chip in which to put plastic, glass, paper, and metal. Put the bin on your curb once a week and the truck comes by and weighs your recyclables through the computer chip and sends you a nice crisp check in the mail.

Who says saving the planet can’t be profitable!

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yourcougarlovah said...

You are hot & an environmentalist. I have a critter in my intestine. Love you!